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Game bug - Surrender the match to be able to play again :(

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I recently found a slightly game-breaking bug.

Here's the screenshot of the match before the game crashed.Screenshot_2018-12-21-14-03-37.thumb.png.c9a49b25b8e0ded4bb33f38ff7881f7e.png


What happened?

The game crashed exactly at the moment the opponent lost its front wheel to my gadget (don't remember the gadget's name). No need to actually be really quick to take the shot because the game freezes here for a few seconds and it closes.

I know my phone does this with heavy apps (like CATS) and a "turning it off and on" solves it most of the times (this is the only time it hasn't worked). I'm really grateful the game allows you to re-join a fight when the game crashes.


How to replicate it?

Mi machine has one of those new Hot Wheels bodies, the gadget that takes off the opponent's front wheel, double rocket, shotgun and scooter and roller for wheels.

The opponent has one of the new booster from the Hot Wheels, boulder body, double blade, a levitating tire and a double roller. Since it happened again (my machine was the same) with the opponent having a sneaky, I can say it can happen with any body.


How to end the crashing-loop?

Surrender the match, you either lose the batteries you've just invested or lose your ultimate ticket. :(



Has anyone experienced this bug?


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This is called the horseshoe bug .. and has been discussed at some length already on the Forum.

Recently, a special update has fixed the problem .. so just download this update (the most recent) .. and all will be well again 😀



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