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Temporary fusing problems

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We got your reports about jumping of regular part levels. It happened because of a mistake that changed part levelling sheets (it's fixed though, so everything should be ok now). Here's an example of a thing that happened: When you fuse one part into another, you generate 1000 exp. Next level of the part was at the point of 900 exp requirement. In old system you got one level, mistake shifted it to 1200, so you kind of lost it. Then we fixed the prob. So everything got back to normal. No part experience burned. In case if you see that something is still wrong, restarting of the application should help.

Another important issue is about fusing legendaries into other parts. You’ve spotted that it now gives way less experience to parts you fuse legendaries into. This is an outcome of a bug. We was going to fix an exploit that allowed to advance parts beyond their max levels. It’s fixed, no one is no longer able to get an unfair advantage. However unexpected side effect of it is that experience amount that each part may give to another part is limited. In order to fix it, we’ll have to either roll out a hot fix or correct it with the next update. We’re currently making decision how we going to deal with the problem.

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