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Sharks Family

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**🦈 Sharks Family 🦈**

The Sharks Family needs no introduction, fearless players and a well established team(s). We currently have 1 opening in the Baby Sharks team, and 2 openings in the Hammerheads team.

*What we offer:*

- TBS, fight among the best players in the game, organized CK fights, friendly environment and team. Guaranteed GB7 (3 UL boxes a cycle).

- HH, Strong and experienced players growing stronger everyday, learn and improve your cars, top 15 team. Guaranteed GB6 box (2 UL boxes a cycle).

*What we expect:*

- Solid UL cars, Loyalty, friendly and outgoing, able to adapt to new methods and CK manual, trophies contribution to the best of your ability.

Membership in either gang requires high activity, communication, and commitment. We don't care about your prestige or budget. Our priorities are (1) activity, (2) communication, (3) growth, and (4) cars.

PS: we have movement between the two gangs depending on your game style and needs.

* If you'd like to learn more, contact me here via DM, or @fezzik_king on Telegram

* Join our Discord server and say hello:

* Visit our website to learn more:

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