We Are 5T0N3R! Need active players willing to dominate

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Our 5T0N3R 

We all know how impossible it is to get a good gang together, by just hoping good players randomly join

That being said, we need to get some good peoplease in our gang, as we have only about 10 players that even pay attention to chat, 

However, even with these yahoos not pitching in with gang fight trophies, or city kings, we always seem to win by a HUGE margin in gang fights every time.

We are currently ranked 2309, but I would imagine that much imoroved, if we.had a gang that consisted of amfull 25, and all 25 be active and get more than 100 trophies per gang fight.

We have a great strategy, that never fails.

Come join us, if you can put up more than 100 trophies!

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