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Who is Enlisted in City Kings?

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I would like to get a notification in chat that tells me which players have enlisted in City Kings so far. If a new gang member doesn't enlist, I would like to kick them to allow someone else to join. With four people enlisted, I don't have a good way to know who joined and who didn't. This would give some advantage back to gangs that don't use other apps to communicate.

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There are several stages of activity in City Kings :

1. Enlist 

2. Attack parking guards or enemy cars

3. If successful, a gang members cars are shown as defending (observable by checking each building)

4. If unsuccessful, a gang members cars are healing (not observable by the leader)

The biggest frustration for gang leaders in CK currently is the absence of a “traffic light” system that would show each gang member’s activity status.

For each car, beside a gang member’s name in the Gang List, there should be a :

A. Red dot for cars that are neither defending or healing

B. Orange dot for cars that are healing

C. Green dot for cars that are defending

This system would be visible to the entire gang .. and clearly show at all times who is actively participating in a CK match.

It would show you if a player has either not enlisted, or enlisted but not attempted to play any cars (3 red dots against the member’s name) .. both scenarios are not helpful for a gang !

But it also gives detailed information on the status of all the cars available to the gang .. and would be a game changer for gang leaders in monitoring the activity levels of all their players.

In my view, this is the single most important change that Zeptolab could make to CATS ! Every gang leader’s life would be made so much easier 😀

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I'm all for having a traffic light system. Everyone in our gang is just someone that randomly joined. They didn't sign up for a new life commitment. I put a lot of work into trying to have a successful gang without over-burdening everyone with alerts, strategy changes, gang policies, and calls to action. If I didn't, the burn out rate would be much higher than it is.

Not knowing who enlisted is very annoying because I expect our brand new members to enlist and participate in their first stage of City Kings. It's obvious that they are on and active, but they often don't join in City Kings.

Actually, I would like the 5/5 warriors to start requirement to go away or be reduced. Usually, so much time has passed between the first member enlisting and the last one that there are only one or two members online when the stage finally starts. You have 3 or 4 people waiting around for an hour before it starts and when it finally does the only person online is the noob who decides to scout and attack the wrong building. I'm not sure what the idea was behind having the 5 players to start was, but I think that it probably doesn't work as intended. Heck, before I started leading our gang it sometimes took days to get 5 people to enlist. The stage lasts for 24 hours and the start time changes every day. I don't see what requiring 5 people to join does other than make people feel impatient and give up. Maybe it's useful for new gangs?

So, who cares who's enlisted. Let's just do away with the 5 warrior requirement.

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