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What’s the name?

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So it won’t be much longer before Purris is finished. Then a new City will begin. Question is...........

Whats the name going be!

It will obviously be cat related so please  post your guesses and see if anyone gets it right!

All I can come up with, bearing in mind I live in England, is Newcastle / Meow castle. But I very much doubt this will be it!

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Continuing the theme of large international cities (Mew York, Meowscow and Purris) ..

Singapaw 😀

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That's kind of tough. There are only so many cat related words/sounds I can think of and only so many popular cities. But here goes...

  • Catmandu, Nepal
  • Mewlan, Italy
  • Mewmbai, India
  • Meowxico City, Mexico
  • Cat Town, South Africa
  • Furfield, California
  • Furrara, Italy
  • Frankfur, Germany
  • Meowmi, Florida
  • Hisston, Texas
  • Tail Aviv, Israel
  • Tailford, UK
  • Pawnama City, Panama
  • Catania, Italy
  • Catowice, Poland
  • Hissar, India
  • Hell's Kitten, Manhattan
  • Kansas Kitty, Missouri
  • Kittykyushu, Japan
  • Pussan, South Korea
  • Wroclaw, Poland
  • Clawksville, Tennessee
  • Tailahassee, Florida
  • Mewark, New Jersey
  • Mewcastle, Australia
  • Mewport, UK
  • Mice, France
  • Howlifax, Canada
  • Howlsinki, Finland
  • Howl Chi Minh Kitty, Vietnam
  • Howllywood, California
  • Scratchdale, Arizona
  • Cattanooga, Tennessee

Some of those are a stretch, but they might help others come up with something. It would help to know which cities would be eligible.

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