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Baby Sharks III - Looking for 5 recruits

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Sharks Family Recruitment:

Purris Results:

Baby Sharks: Rank 3
Baby Sharks II: Rank 12 (previously HämmerHeads)
Baby Sharks III: Newly created

The Sharks Family needs no introduction, fearless players and a well established team(s). We are redoing our organization with 3 top gangs! Baby Sharks having a goal of top 3, Baby Sharks II with the goal of top 10, and Baby Sharks III with the goal of top 25!
We are currently filling up our Baby Sharks III team to be our 3rd top end team. Five spots available.

(Baby Sharks and Baby Sharks II, no spots currently.)

- Baby Sharks: Fight among the best players in the game, organized CK fights, friendly environment and team. 1000 trophies a cycle. Guaranteed GB7 (3 UL boxes a cycle).

- Baby Sharks II: Strong and experienced players growing stronger everyday, learn and improve your cars. 400 trophies a cycle. Guaranteed GB6 (2 UL boxes a cycle).

- Baby Sharks III: Newer players and those working their way to BS II. A more relaxed environment for veterans and up-and-coming players. 200 - 300 trophies per cycle. Guaranteed GB5 (1 UL box a cycle) going for GB6 (2 UL box a cycle). Many strong members including p60.

**What we expect:**

- Solid and growing UL cars relative to the gang for which you  are applying. Each member needs to be loyal, friendly, and outgoing. Also, adaptable to new methods, a new war manual, and trophy contribution to the best of your ability. All gangs use our helper telegram bot Papa Shark.

Membership in any gang requires high activity (BS and BS II especially), communication, and commitment. We don't care about your prestige or budget. Our priorities are (1) activity, (2) communication, (3) growth, and (4) car strength.

**We use telegram for our chats.**

On telegram please message @Fezzi_king or @Imperial343 or @MrBiglesworth

On discord please message @Fezzik#8112 or @Imperial#3787 or @MrBig#5614

Our Website:

**PS:** We have movement between the three gangs depending on your game style and needs and development.







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8 hours ago, Mrbiglesworth said:

Need 2 more players now. Please message on here or in discord!

Can I join? I am p4 stage 20 and I have powerful ul bots.

I placed in the top thirty in the last all stars event.

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I don't have discord but I bring in about 400 trophies per three day cycle.

I am active all the time so i will fight in every City Kings match:)

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