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On 3/18/2019 at 12:44 PM, papi_locus said:

Does anyone have a favorite setup they like to go for in the championships?

Suerfer: Rollers / Minigun / Shotgun / Lifter

Sneaky: Knobs / Blade / Minigun / Lifter 

Sneaky: Knobs / Blade / Double Rocket / Lifter

Classic : Sticky tires / Double lifter / Shotgun

It all depends on your opponents really, but the above my favorites.

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Khm, what is double lifter on Classic? 

My favorites:

1. Bolder: Knobs/Chainsaw/Forklift

2. Titan: Tires/Shotgun/Double rocket/backpedal

3. Sneaky: Bigfoots/drill/booster

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Right now my favourite is the Boulder with laser and shotgun with either boost or back pedal combo with no wheels. Get a good Boulder setup for weapons slots and accessories u have a machine that's very hard to hit, bouncing  and spinning around staying 9/10 times within the boundaries. Personally, makes the flying sneaky laser combo look obsolete. I like to nickname it "La Pinata" 

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On 5/11/2019 at 10:21 AM, AgentThirtySevenv said:

Whale 1-2 boosters

1 blade


2 miniguns

it slams the opponent, sometimes flipping them up into the wall, especially surfers 

I recently saw a surfer with 2 boosters and a minigun, it ramped my whale out of the zone, and if you don't touch it, it flips over and aims the minigun backwards. Totally killed my flippy double rocket sneaky too. I'm looking for a surfer slam like that with a minigun/rocket/laser bonus.

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Deadliest most exciting and of T. U. R. B. O! Thats (IMO)..! 

Try this one! I call it the Mexican jumping bean! ( MJB) ( trademark product name rights! ) 😜

  Boulder with 3 weapon slots ( that can power 3 weapons) 

Configure with 2 shotguns and laser 

The laser is priority for weaponry and the shotguns are for propulsion Configure boulders weaponry so MJB stays in the arena, add a wheel (knob, roller or sticky roller as a weigh down if needed) and you will have a machine that is very hard to hit. 

The laser spinning around does very big damage like the sneaky backpedal and laser combo, but it's not a one hit wonder! 

The MJB keeps bouncing, spinning, and jumping around about 80‰ of the time. 

Weaknesses are.. 

Limited healh upgrades due to no tyres or 1 tyre and may require health toolboxes, but because it's a very hard target to hit u will be surprised on the machines it can destroy! And u can still continue upgrading the weapons as u go through the stages 

It can jump out of area if it ricochets from some bump, shot gun  shots or harpoon catch.  

Once you have powered the laser strength your satisfaction, then work on shotguns as they too are very effective when in close range of the enemy!  


As for accuiring the body part.. It's a lucky dip, but I have been lucky enough to find a MJB body wt least once throughout the game on a stage. Well enjoy and have fun with the MJB! 

Good luck!  I will try to gif something on this blog to show u, if I get a chance! 

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