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Gadget concept - Weight

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The weight is a passive gadget that increase the mass of your vehicle to reduce effect of knockdown and have higher health that average gadgets.

The way it act is simply working the opposite way as a lifter baloon on your car, meaning the position of the weight affect the way your vehicle react.
Additionnaly to the movement resistance, your wheels will also be slowed : the smaller is the wheel, the harder it will to move when weight are equiped.

Pros :
- counter lifter/forklift if well positionned
-reduce knockback from shotgun
-more HP than other gadgets

Cons :
- reduce the effectiveness of wheels and thrusters
- wrong placement can harm your build


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On 26/03/2019 at 6:03 PM, Hartlus said:

That's a good idea.

What did you use to create your graphics? They look good.

I used photoshop, which I use for all 2 graphics I do.
This is probably not the best thing to do when looking for this type of outcome, but as I don't often work on 2D clean design like that, I don't need a tool to work on these.

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