Top 1000 new gang recruiting (HON HON)

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I created my own clan a few weeks ago, and thanks to a lot of hours put in we're already top 1000.

I have ambition, because i love this game. Which is why i need ambitious, active people by my side. A the moment i would say 5-10 people have their membership secured, the others come and go (get kicked) soon as they stop being active enough.

If you want to get good ultimate parts and 3000pts gang box minimum (5000 soon with your help), feel free to hit me up. Must get at least 200 points over 3 days AND talk strategy for city kings in chat, instead of fighting alone in random sports which will get you kicked. English is required, i also speak french.


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I looked up a gang called HON HON. Must have found the wrong one. Only one player with trophies, and only 35 trophies. Hahahaha!

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