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Hi guys, I'd just like to say a few things.

1. I'm back! After so long. And I'm leaving! After so long. I know no one cares, but I wanted to provide closure for people who are still here.

2. I haven't played cats in twice as long as I've been gone, and I know it probably still sucks. So I'd just like to say zeptolab sucks and is to pay2win.

3. I wanna say thanks to all the awesome people on this forum for playing my forum games, (which reminds me of an idea I had to make a "what's my favorite..." forum game, but I am leaving...) sticking with me through pay2win trash and just being nice.

4. I know no one is reading this except for maybe Phil, but bye, thanks, have a good life, and maybe do something better with your life than supporting zeptolab's pay2win scheme. Not gonna happen, and if like this game fair enough, but still.

anyway, bye. Also I regret my name now.


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Don’t do anything irreversible DC !

It’s been so much fun having you around .. when you were posting in full flight (or rather, full swimming power), they were the glory days of this Forum. The Forum is much the quieter and less interesting in your absence (no offence intended to current contributors).

You remain the third highest poster on the Forum .. and it will be a long time indeed before you are overtaken 😀

Your name made you unique .. I wouldn’t regret it at all.

Go well DC .. you will be missed by many .. but one grumpy (only at times) old Fox 🦊 in particular. I salute you !

Edited by Phil

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