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This game-Final thoughts

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I know I said I was leaving, but I feel I have to write this, so after this I will leave for real.


About 1 year ago, I was bored.

I, like so many other people, was looking for something new to play, and stumbled across this game in the featured page. With hindsight, it seems like anything that looks decent can make it to the top these days.

Anyway, I saw the game, and I looked through some of the pictures and the info, and thought it was a decent, innovative concept worth my time. I looked to see who developed it and saw the green potion that we all know as the zeptolab logo. I knew KoT was originally a great game that became somewhat pay2win, but I had grown up with cut the rope and decided the game was worth a shot.

So I downloaded the game, made it through the tutorial, and decided that I could have some fun here. After making it past the first prestige, (at that point gangs had barely come into existence), I realized that though it could've been made very pay2win, it was a fun game, though it did require some serious patience. However, though it was a fun game, I decided not to spend money on it, simply because I had a feeling I would regret it in the future.

I began to become more involved in the community. I joined the forum, and found a lot of my same opinions and some good thoughts here. (I also joined the discord, and could go back if I wanted to, but I'm kinda bored of that.) I started posting more and more on this forum, and got more involved here, and made some nice forum games, and gradually the game evolved. 

Eventually, a new update came to the game. They called it the ultimate league. (I'm not sure whether the ultimate league or KotC came first, and I can't be asked to check, so I'm just gonna talk about them both.)  It was advertised as essentially a new game within a game, (or at least I think it was supposed to be) and so I dove in head first. 

That's when I had a revelation.

Me, the forum, and the rest of the world, seemed to agree the game had become so pay2win, even more so than KoT, as if they had taken lessons from the developers of Game of War: Fire Age. It was a shameless reprint, designed to empty your wallets and then your bank account, thinking the money was actually useful. Eventually, after a week or so, it's usefulness would run out, and you would end up deleting the game (with regrets) and moving on.

Still, I kept hope. I still didn't spend any money, as I wanted to enjoy the game in its true form. I decided that this was just one little mistake, and I could move on and enjoy the other parts of the game.

And that's when KotC came out.

I'm not even going to go into how pay2win it was, but it was basically just a battle of luck and who could empty their wallets fastest. 

And I gave up on the game.

After a while, I started to distance myself from the game, then zeptolab, then the community. Eventually, I realized, by checking the forums, that the game had devolved into a battle of luck and money, with the exception of a few really good people who could still make their mark. Other than that, you could make some progress and hit a wall of money. And so I took a break from the forum, realizing that there was no point anymore.

So I was gone. And now I'm back here, about to forever leave, only with my thoughts.


I've deleted cats off my iPad now, and here's why.

The game has become pay2win, hiding behind a shield of luck and "strategy" to make money. (Some) Players have fallen into this, supporting zeptolab's quest to make money without caring about the game. And zeptolab.... Well, zeptolab, they've hidden behind a shield of developer's support, money, and vagueness, just trying to make money while "caring" about our "fun."

So, now, I don't care anymore, and that's that. And while I'm sad to leave the forum, we all have to move on.

I know some of you probably feel there's no point writing an essay about a mobile game, but we can't just have our games spoiled like milk. We need quality.


-DabbingCuttlefish (P.S the reason I hate my name now is because dabbing is cringy, cancer, and just SAD now because of certain youtubers. Huh, reminds me of zeptolab.)

The End, and Bye.

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I feel your pain. Sure there are some addicts that has fallen into neverending spending money to buy things and then these first place gangs. But let them be!!! I call them 'sponsors' that keeps the dev team motivated to keep the game alive (or at least to make it to look like that). I just ignore all these x-% off offers and ads that pop up on screen from time to time. Same way I do on internet browsing so I already have a habit doing so lol.

We - the vast majority of other players - just enjoy playing the game, do city king and gang wars, progress in championship, chat with each other, do All Stars events and DON'T CARE MUCH if we are in first places or somewhere in middle, it's the game spirit that you enjoy playing AND the more active you are and more smart you play, more successfull you can be and there is no problem getting close to first places (leave the very first places to $$ freaks) WITHOUT spending a single cent in All Stars events, Ultimate Leagues or doing instants in Championship, etc.

Ofcourse I don't like that their first priority is not fixing current issues with the game and make it more playable but all they did in the last update was adding yet another 'gems spending' future, called Black Market and created lots of 'unexpected server errors' making game even more unplayable to already existing slowiness in game after last few updates but so be it. Still enjoying the game.

AND like I said before, it all depends how you want to play, will it be pay2win or play2win, your choice.

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I agree with most of what you actually say. I've been playing for 2 years, long before even shotguns were added and at that time those were "testing weapons" which you could try before they were released to everyone by paying a little. The lifter was a mistake btw.

At that time I recommended the game and said many times "is not pay to win, you should try it". Now I feel almost obligated to play it because I have come too far to leave...

When ultimate league got released I was intermediately thinking of how unnecessary this was and I also read on the forums people complaining about it. You can actually play the game totally ignoring ultimate fights, I have done that until KotC came.

I was ok with that, somehow I started to have fun again. But the All Stars event and the points multiplier made me realize that something was not ok... so you pay money, to earn better stuff and outplay every non-paying player, that's called "pay to win" in my rancho. Ok, it's not a big deal...

Then the molotov and the boomerang were added. I expected those to be added eventually to regular boxes, like the shotgun, the minigun, the medkit, the lifter and the harpoon were added at their time, but it didn't happened...

I totally understand that developers need money, I am a developer myself; but I think this is too much.

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