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I occasionally see topics about the difficulty of betting. . . .and yes I was burned early on as I was getting the hang of it.....but first just want to illustrate just how useful it is to use betting in this game.

I just went through Prestige 1 in about 5-6 days..mostly Instant Wins.  (since game was available on IOS about 16 days ago, I guess that means I am averaging 8 days a ranking).  You would think that this might mean that you dont have enough "time" to get something useful out of betting on a item.  Not true; betting is why I finished in that timeframe!

Fairly early in this last pass I was given 3 "20% health for Surfer" wheels (2 metal, 1 military) as well as a "20% health for Surfer" forklift (wood).   I took all four of them to 60% using bets along the way. . . and along with the single "100% health for Surfer" wheel (military) I got. . . . it made a HUGE difference.  My Surfer builds all had 220% health.

I was able to make very high-health Surfers the entire time; so high that even when I had average weapons I still out-lasted most opponents. As a matter of fact, my last 7 stages were all the same build; ex my vehicle body was Gold all the way through Carbon!  All that changed were my weapons....

In the end, it was a matter of using the legendaries given to me in that pass... and making intelligent bets. I did occasionally lose gems in bets (all bettors do!)... but not too much... my gem supply increased the entire time.  I didnt "pay to win"... I dont like to pay money in games . . . the skill you need is knowing when/how to place bets.




For now I just wanted to say... dont give up on betting!   I havent really thought about all that I wanted to say yet in regards to advice, but when I do... I'll post here with "advice" posts (with images, etc).  

And I want to hear from others as well!  I know there are other folks who have also accumulated wisdom in this area.  So lets hear it!   




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Thanks for this.  I am prestige 3 now after playing about 3 weeks or so, maybe 4.  I have always upgraded as soon as reasonable, but this idea was in the back of my head.  So you are saying those pieces which can have a doubling effect on others are worth holding on to versus replacing them for higher tournament level items and maybe higher health themself but their doubling effect on other items can easily outweigh the small health or damage boost by replacing them.  Those were my thoughts.


I will certainly start seeking out these items and harboring them longer.  I wonder if this works from tournament level 1 to 10 or if it's really only 11 plus items that really have an impact all the way up to level 24.  I'll post again once I play around with your ideas, thanks again.

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