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A brief history of City Kings

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Results from the four cities played to date are ..

Mew York ( 8 March - 30 June 2018 .. 114 days )

1. Rex’s gang (228.6m pts)

2. Only Gangwars (203.0m pts)

3. The Godfathers (198.4m pts)

Meowscow ( 30 June - 9 November 2018 .. 132 days )

1. Rex’s gang (508.4m pts)

2. The Godfathers (467.8m pts)

3. Pbl (458.4m pts)

Purris ( 9 November 2018 - 2 March 2019 .. 113 days )

1. Rex’s gang (364.3m pts)

2. Immortals (336.2m pts)

3. The Baby Sharks (328.6m pts)

Meow de Janeiro ( 2 March 2019 to date .. 124 days to date )

1. Highlanders (460.9m pts)

2. Baby Sharks (433.4m pts)

3. Immortals (415.1m pts)

Final placings in Meow de Janeiro are, of course, subject to change.

Points of Interest

A. Points were relatively low in Mew York because a different scoring system applied initially. Gangs started with maximum points (up to 140,000), then lost points for every minute that all buildings either weren’t held, or more than half occupied. Achieving maximum points was impossible under this scoring system. Instant wins were achieved by reducing your opponent’s score to zero !

B. The duration of Meowscow (132 days) has been the longest to date, although Meow de Janeiro is not far behind, and still going ! Zeptolab initially advised that a city would run for 90 days 😂

C. Rex’s gang achieved the highest score on record (508.4m pts) in winning Meowscow. To date, they are the only gang to score more than 500 million points.

D. Highlanders are very likely to achieve the second highest score on record, with Meow de Janeiro still going. Not bad for a gang making its debut in this city 😀

E. Only 7 gangs have achieved a podium finish in the four cities contested to date .. Rex’s gang (3 times), The Godfathers (twice), (The) Baby Sharks (twice), Immortals (twice) and Highlanders, Only Gangwars and Pbl once each. Three of these seven gangs have since disbanded (with just the shell of once great gangs remaining) .. The Godfathers, Only Gangwars and Pbl are effectively gone. This is testament to the gruelling and expensive competition that City Kings is, for gangs playing at the elite level !

F. Since City Kings began on 8 March 2018, it has steadily become more pay-to-win. Two changes .. the introduction of paid healing .. and allowing the use of ultimate toolboxes .. have effectively destroyed City Kings as a competition for free playing gangs. I would love to see one of two options implemented by Zeptolab ..

(i) Eliminate paid healing and ultimate toolboxes from City Kings for all gangs .. or ..

(ii) Create two City Kings divisions .. Division One (with paid healing and ultimate toolboxes) .. and Division Two (no paid healing or ultimate toolboxes). Gangs would choose their division at the commencement of each new city.





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Great collection, we’re hoping to see wonderful changes for future season, starting with Meow York. 🤞 

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On 7/5/2019 at 4:13 AM, GreedyCat said:

So basically you are out of new cities and It will go in circle again?  9_9

Pretty much! NYC ftw!!! :D

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