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Bug calculating health stats !

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Zeptolab, we have a problem !

There is no logical explanation for 3 star ⭐️ gold rollers to have different health numbers 😱

There have been issues in the past with garage stats varying from “real” stats .. so that the stats on your car changed when you fought in Championships, etc ! But that is not the case here ! Two 2 star ⭐️ military rollers (sitting next to the offending gold rollers in my garage) have identical health numbers (as they should).

Car stats are fundamental to this game ! Zeptolab’s record at fixing bugs 🐛 is lamentable .. but this is one bug that should be fixed urgently ! Having random health numbers on car parts makes a mockery of CATS 🤡






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I've seen that too, can be very confusing for choosing the right part. Here is what I have obsevred.

I noticed that rewards from Steve's boxes sometimes are getting premium bonuses: same star gadget needs less power to be mounted on a car and I think the same applies to the health ammount on parts too.

So I think it is Steve's boxes that is doing this.

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