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ULT Box Drop Increased!

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Zepto increased the drop rate of ultimate boxes forever! It means that all ultimate boxes you may get in the game will contain more parts than before.

  • Regular Ultimate Box: dropped 1 part BEFORE the update // NOW it drops 2 parts
  • Ultimate Box with 2 parts: BEFORE 2 // NOW 3 parts
  • Ultimate Box with 3 parts: BEFORE 3 // NOW 4 parts
  • Ultimate Box with 4 parts: BEFORE 4 // NOW 6 parts

Also, we will add new parts from beloved Stage Coach, UFO, Sputnik, Russian Stove, Mid Autumn sets. Parts that had become popular and considered rare will be way easier to get. All these 25 new parts could be found in ultimate boxes.

Here’s the full list.

  • Stagecoach set: Gatling Gun, Stagecoach Scooter, Stagecoach, Tire Remedy, Stagecoach, Horse Shoe.
  • UFO set: Antigrav Knob, Energy Shield, Antigrav Roller, UFO Death Ray.
  • Sputnik set: Sputnik, Hyperboloid, Mega Drill, Ult Antigrav Scooter 1, Antigrav Scooter 2.
  • Russian Stove set: Russian Stove, Bear Gun, Chimney, Hearth.
  • Mid Autumn set: Lantern, Elixir of Immortality, Moonbeam, Cloud, Bow of the Hero

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