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FTF 💪 - The Fat Tracks Federation

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=\FTF/= is a family of 4 competitive and fun-loving gangs. What originally was a joint venture between Cougar Tracks and Fat Cats back in Purris, has grown into an incredible family of gangs full of fun players who are ready to take over Meowscow II.

We have spaces for all playing levels, whether you are a newer player looking to grow, a veteran looking for a competitive top 50 gang, or if you need a place to cool down after a tough city. 

Our Performance in Mew York II:
🐾 Cougar Tracks:    32nd 💪 / 12,000+ 🏆
🎩 Fat Cats:              46th 💪 / 10,400+ 🏆
😾 Feral Felines:       64th 💪  / 9,000+ 🏆
🕴🏻 Skinny Kittens:   120th 💪 / 5,500+ 🏆

FTF was created with one goal in mind: allowing like-minded CATS to play together, have fun together, and get stronger together.

Do you want to play the game at a more competitive level? Be part of a greater community that helps you get stronger? Or are you looking for a place to chill after playing aggressively last city? No matter your style, we have got you covered.

PS: Check out our official YouTube Channel (linked below) for fun troll build wars 😉

Even if you are not currently looking, our server is social and has multiple helpful channrls and fun bot games for you to try. 





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