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How is it that discord became the number 1 app for comms in this game? It's total rubbish when compared to line, but NO gangs use line. Everyone uses discord, or telegram (which is even worse.)

If there's a gang out there that uses line, and prestige requirementry of 3, then message me.

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There may be a ray of hope out there for you 😀

I have never used Zeptolab’s gang search function (having joined the most famous gang in CATS .. Fellow Foxes 🦊 .. from the very creation of gangs way back in August 2017).

However, I do use the Forum’s search function .. and a simple search for “Line” (the communication app you love so much) .. yielded the post below.

I don’t know if you speak French .. but it shouldn’t matter ! Line, apparently the “bees’ knees” of communication apps, will no doubt have a language translator to solve this potential problem.

I also don’t know if this gang is still active .. but it’s worth a shot ! 

“Line lovers of the world .. UNITE” 😀



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