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The Cats news, Summer 2019/2020

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Merry christmas everyone!! Zepto thinks the same so they sent you a present!! Guess what's inside!! (Drum roll) More Pay-to-win bull Sh*t.

Let's start, We Ended the Hot wheels horror show with the furry road!! However I didn't get to play it because it was my brother's 18th!! Still the rewards where good if you, A, play SOOO much you go blind or you give them more money! YAY I would reveiw these parts but I can't and won't pay

Now we have the same as every year Christmas pay-to-win event! More parts to more the top payers (Oops sorry did I say payers I ment players, of course;)

The other question Is are they "re-balencing" old parts or making more op Pay-to-win parts.

Here's what happens: I am about to kill a very powerful enemy with me freezing build. hes on his last hp and then this new "nano bot" makes him good as new and he roasts me:( NOT HAPPY

there not much else but do LIKE AND COMMENT. We might make Zepto chane their minds:)

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Merry Christmas!

I want to add - Furry Road was exactly P2W - Play To Win (as I like to call it) or P2W - Pay To Win (be a nice sponsor through game creators for benefit of all of us).

It was possible to play and finish the road without spending money, if you were good enough in P2W (Play To Win) :

1) have prepared good cars (you knew the Furry Road was coming, it was announced at least week ago).

2) using strict strategy and experience from fighting previous Championships how to defeat other oponent cars at your stage.

3) was hard working to collect pins every hour and never missed one (who said it should come easy?).

About that Nano Station - it is funny because I thought the opposite - I was under impression that it is still too weak and healing time needs more fine tunning and should be 1-2 times longer... on my testing Nano Station vs Freezing Gift, it was weaker despite the 60k healing power (on level 6) - that almost doubles my building rig health, the healing lasts only like 1 /10 of the second and then boom, you find yourself helpless against enemy attacks and you don't have the nice freezing and repulse effect from the Santa's gift.

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