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Atualizem a pata azul, tenho 1210 e não tenho oque fazer com eles

Podiam adicionar para máquinas supremas


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Hi there Brunno 

Roughly translated into English, I understand that you said ..

Update the blue paws, I have 1210 and I have nothing to do with them

Could add to supreme machines

A few points to note 📝 ..

1. The issue of blue paws (skill points) has been extensively debated on this Forum (including in the last post in the Ideas Section).

2. Adding skills to supreme machines (which I take to be ultimate machines) is problematic .. because it would only increase the gap between long term players and new players (in terms of the relative strength of their cars).

3. For a number of reasons (including fairness and ease of implementation), I favour converting unused skill points into gems 💎. 

A simple solution to the skill points problem may encourage Zeptolab to act 😀.


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2. ... - Not necessarily. 

The ultimate parts can only be updated to level 13, right? So the 'long term players' or even more, Phil's version of PTW (Pay To Win)  players, will have already maxed their ultimate parts.

So, if the skills points can be exchanged with ultimate part, say 100-1000 per one part, depending of ultimate part rarity, I see no big problem here. Long time players will get some more parts, but it would be only fair. You have to earn your place. Long time players are not that much problem here but like Phil said, first place gang players (read - game sponsors) are but they don't bother normal players that much anyway.

Cat pawns shop would be awesome idea. For one, if I could share an unused ultimate part for 10 pawns to someone in gang for 24h/one City Kings fight, that would add dynamics and much fun to the game. In that way strongest gangs will not become stronger because all players already have plus or minus equal strong parts but it will benefit smaller gangs with strong leaders who want to support less powerful new players and at the same time such small change will not noticeably mess up gangs balance.

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