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It's been a while now and it is great to be able to exchange the skill points for goodies from the shop now!

Before exchange my highest skill score was more than 1300 paws, it has been a fun collecting them but everything has to end.

My only complain would be that the exchange items in the shop appears for too short period of time and I even don't know if I missed some already (hope not)!

My highest trophy so far, I guess, was tranquilizer gun for decent cost of 20 paws, good timing for the recent scrap run too :)

Now, if only we would be able to get some UL parts too, that would be awesome!

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Good to see yet another app update has arrived after initial post!

Not sure this will add something new to the current SKILL POINTS SHOP exchange from the last update, but who knows.

I still have plenty remaining skills to deal with...

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