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Confused, how do you get a metal body with high health?

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I'm on Military stage 4 stars and this random guy on quick fight has a metal body with insane HP, how could it be possible?



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Hi sonic

It’s not as difficult as you think to achieve over 5,000 hp at stage 5 metal.

My pyramid below has slightly more hp than your opponent above .. and it’s possible to build stronger cars with either more toolboxes or more super/legendary parts.

The pyramid body below is substantially, but not fully leveled up, to provide base health of just over 1,500 hp.

Significant increases in health are generated by the legendary blade (120% to pyramid) .. and the two toolboxed knobs.

If I was fortunate enough to have a legendary knob (120% to pyramid), I would achieve over 6,000 hp with this build 😀

In summary, all things are possible with enough legendary parts and toolboxes !




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