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No new stuff here since november? What happened? Is the forum in ruins?

My question is: What happened with the CATS forum? Is it forgotten or dead?

Waiting for an online user to respond here...




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The demise of this Forum has been the most popular new topic recently .. ironic, don’t you think 😂

I’m sure there are many reasons for it .. but the single most annoying reason is the fact that Zeptolab now actively prevents new members from joining the Forum 😡 They have sabotaged the Forum they created 😱

There’s a great line in a well known movie 🎥 .. “if you build it, they will come” 😀

Sadly, the reverse is also true ! If you tear it down, they will not come 😭

Zeptolab have destroyed this Forum .. just as surely as they are destroying the game of CATS ! Meowscow 3 has been the most disgraceful City Kings competition ever run by these clowns 🤡 

The Forum could easily be resurrected .. but there is no money in it for Zeptolab ! And the ONE thing we know about Zeptolab ? They are solely motivated by money 💵 

For the record .. here is how the Forum could be restored to its former glory ..


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