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Christmas Scrap Run

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Merry Christmas to all at this wonderful time of the year 😀

1. Santa’s Sleigh is rarely seen these days .. Santa 🎅 was forced to mothball it after Zeptolab kept releasing more and more OP bodies 😂

2. The Genie’s 🧞‍♀️ lamp (Magic Lamp) is a gadget that nullifies other gadgets like the Frost Sprinkler and Flue .. you can get it in regular ultimate boxes.



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Ho Ho Ho 🎅

Shortly after mothballing my Santa’s sleigh, Zeptolab delivered a very rare gift 🎁. Two gifts in fact !

The first was an enhancement to the sleigh 🛷.. providing an extra gadget slot, more power and slightly more base health. Enough to make Santa’s sleigh OP again ? Probably not .. but at least this body is more competitive again 😀

Second, Zeptolab gave away 3 Santa’s sleigh parts as a Christmas present 🎁. Not overly generous .. but a welcome change from their usual role .. playing Scrooge at Christmas 🎄 

Had they been more generous, Santa’s sleigh may have become my first level 14 ultimate part !



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