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Happy New Year 2021

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Happy New Year 🥳 

Goodbye to 2020 👋 

Welcome to better days ahead 😀

In a rare act of generosity, Zeptolab have helped us to welcome in the New Year with FREE GIFTS 🎁  (see below)

Hopefully, their benevolence will continue .. and they will never repeat the matchmaking of Meowscow 3 .. the worst of the 10 cities held to date ! Continuous competition against strong opponents has been ridiculously time consuming, exhausted ultimate tool box stocks, depleted gem reserves .. and ensured that Meowscow 3 will be the longest running city since the new city end system was introduced (countdown clock starts once 10 gangs have completed District 10).

With vaccines beginning to roll out in several parts of the world, there is genuine hope that Covid 19 will gradually be subdued in 2021 💉 

In the Cativerse, I am hopeful that Meowscow 3 matchmaking is also consigned to the dustbin of history !

Here’s to a much better 2021 🥂 



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Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year!!!

For better days indeed!

The town is so quiet and calm this morning, I kinda like it.

Covid 19... what created it and was that predicted, that's the BIG QUESTION ;)

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