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Where's everybody?

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What happened to the users here? They left the game?


Zepto killed this forum, no new members are allowed to join this forum. But this forum still remains alive for some reason.



Other alternatives are the CATS Discord server, the Telegram group and the subreddit.

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Hi General

There are plenty of users still around on the Forum (ie guests) .. just not many members (for reasons you mention .. 1. many older members/players have quit the game .. and 2. new members are not allowed)

I regularly check on guests visiting the Forum .. at times there are over 300 reading articles from the “library” (see screenshot below) ! These statistics 📈 indicate that this Forum remains very much alive .. and that as many CATS players are here, as are on CATS discord !

As I have noted before, there are no alternatives to the Forum. CATS discord should be renamed CATS Instagram .. a mostly meaningless and never-ending stream of screenshots posted by try-hard noobs (showing their position in the latest event, the contents of a recent gang box, etc .. WHO CARES ?)

Telegram and Reddit do not have even a significant minority of CATS players using their platforms .. and could not be described in any way as a widely accessed, public forum for players to analyse the game !

In the absence of the excellent and lively discussion of key CATS issues that used to take place on this Forum, players unfortunately have been reduced to writing to CATS Support ! Emails to Support are now the ONLY WAY to get key issues considered. Most unfortunate .. because Support emails are not publically accessible .. and are not, therefore, widely discussed.

There is a simple solution .. allow new members, and take steps (with incentives provided) to reinvigorate this Forum 😀


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