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Gang Milestones & Contributions

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The game has ~not so recently~ updated with nice future - Gang Miledstones with Gang Contributions and rewards for the gang.

Gang Contributions is somewhat similar to My Gang tab with all players showing their score.

In My Gang tab you could pick a player and fight with his Championship car.

Why not add similar to the Gang Contributions for Ultimate League cars? We could test our setups there with each other.

The code is already there, just copy it to the Gang Contributions UL cars!

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I agree that the introduction of Gang Milestones (with accompanying Gang Rewards) .. and a Gang Contributions table .. has made Zeptolab’s trio of CATS events (All Stars, Grand Prix and Scrap Run) more interesting. This is because they have effectively turned individual events into gang events, as well.

I disagree, however, that the Gang Contributions table is “somewhat similar” to the My Gang tab. The Gang Contributions (GC) table is only available during events. As frequent as events are these days, their combined average duration is less than 50% of a 24 hour CATS day. So the GC table would not be available most of the time you’re playing CATS !

On the other hand, the My Gang tab is available all the time .. showing not just trophies scored in gang fights, but also who is online, and therefore ready for CK battle ⚔️ .

As you correctly point out, the My Gang tab has an added feature .. you can fight the normal car (in Garage 1) of each of your gang members.

If you wish to fight the ultimate cars of gang members (which is a great idea 💡) .. it would make much more sense to add this feature to the My Gang tab. This tab is always available !

I would go one step further. As a gang leader who has spent countless hours counting CK cars .. I have long advocated a “traffic light” system to record CK car status. Each gang member would have 3 coloured dots beside his name in the My Gang tab .. green for on the board, orange for currently healing, and red for available to play. This system enables gang leaders and seniors to instantly see who has cars available to fight, and how many cars are healing .. vital CK information that is simply not available in-game currently.

See below for the two simple changes that I would make to the My Gang tab ..

1. 3 coloured dots for the CK “traffic light” system (I have shown a few examples, but every member would be “dotted”)

2. a second “arrow” (next to the traffic lights 🚦) .. enabling you to fight gang member’s ultimate cars (every member would be “arrowed”)



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One tab is even better, good thinking, why didn't I thought it myself.

Players who have more fun playing game are more motivated to pay more or less frequently for the offers in the game.

These futures would make game more playable, so that even Zeptlab with the $$$ thinking should be motivated to support such ideas.

I suggest anyone make out loud and ask to add these futures via game support and C.A.T.S. discord channels until you are heard!!!

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