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CATS is going downhill!

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New Players are subjected to forced ads forcing them to spend money to remove ads. RIDICULOUS!

80% of old players left the game because they don't care about CATS and they started playing KoT or other some online game to pass the time.

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Sadly, CATS has been going downhill for a VERY LONG TIME 😥

Forced ads for new players was introduced well over a year ago (if my memory serves me correctly) ! As you say, it is ridiculous .. and totally unnecessary 😡. I created a second account 6 months ago .. forced ads make CATS unbearable to play ! The solution is to pay AUD 2.99 (in my case) to permanently remove forced ads. Why not just charge new players a one-off fee to play CATS .. if that is Zeptolab’s real intention ? 🤡

We know that significant numbers of veteran players have left the game .. as Zeptolab continue to ramp up the p2w aspect of CATS. But it would be very interesting to know how many players actively play CATS (and City Kings in particular) .. and how this number has changed over time 🤔 

From Zeptolab UK’s published financial statements .. available on the UK’s Companies House website .. we know that they monitor these numbers (see below). But they don’t provide them for “commercial” reasons ! That can only mean one thing .. player numbers are NOT trending in the right direction 😂

On 31 January 2021, financial statements for the year ended 31 January 2020 are due to be published. They will make fascinating reading 📖 .. providing a glimpse into how well Zeptolab, and its flagship product .. CATS, are doing.


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