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Some suggestions for Zeptolab to improve CATS

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1. Remove forced ads for new players Why you need to pay to remove ads? It's difficult to play the game with thousands of ads popping up in the screen.

2. Provide events weekly All-Stars, Scrap Run or maybe a new Grand Prix event must be happening weekly just for fun, don't make events any longer to happen.

3. Remove age restriction for gang chat To talk with gang members you have to be over 13 right? The better option is to make the gang chat available to everyone, talking about City Kings and other stuff.

4. Remove a member from the gang If there's someone toxic or someone who break the rules there might be a remove button for the gang owner to remove it. 

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1. Agree, Many new players might abandon the game because of this.

2. Too often would make them borring or not? Perhaps not that much but the events require much time to complete, especially All Stars and partially Scrap Run, in both you have to literaly check in every two hours or so to successfully make progress. That's why I like Grand Prix the most - you have to be smart and you have to work with the tools you are given, no overweighted $$$ paid UL or CH cars and you can do it on your own time, no time penalty, you can play it even in last day and be sucessfull.

3. Agree. This is ridiculous. It is not like aduld dating site or something like that. It's a chat discussing game and tactics for gods sake and who mostly play games? Kids, right.

4. Will it not dublicate the Kick button currently available for the gang leader? Or you want to serve it different purpose?

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