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Chaotic end to Meowscow 3

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The worst city ever in City Kings .. Meowscow 3 .. is ending in total chaos 🏁🚩🏴‍☠️

Just when we thought the checkered flag would be waved to end the city on 3 February .. as announced on CATS discord on 3 January 2021 .. Chervey waved a red flag instead 😱

Instead of a forced end to the city .. there would be an 11 day countdown to city end, once the 10th gang had finished District 10. 

Shortly after .. the 10th gang completed the city .. and a 10 day countdown began 🤷‍♂️ No big deal .. one day less to endure of the horror show that Meowscow 3 has been !

Until Chervey produced the skull & crossbones flag ☠️ .. “we are going to finish it (a revised matchmaking system that does not result in excessive waiting times between matches, and repeated battles against the same gang) before the move” 😱

So .. when will Meowscow 3 end ? Will this be the never ending city ? Stay tuned as this debacle continues .. 






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Grandpa Phil forget about the CATS Forum. It is discontinued by Zepto

At least you have Discord.


Also 2 new members can't even join this forum since Zepto isn't providing Email Verification for new users.

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