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I agree.  But not because I make a bet on the wrong car.  I would just want to free up the part to use on other bets.  For example, sometimes I'll make a quick bet and then see the long bet is about to expire. Or I might make a long bet and then realize I need a few extra attack points or health in a hurry from quick bets to win a championship.

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I guess that is your own fault then. You should always check the bets first, which one seems the safest and then you bet your item, also it is not hard to hit the right button, I mean when you think the left machine wins, then you tap on the left bet button, pretty easy isn't it?

When you think afterwards "Oh, I didn't see that forklift" or something like this, then that's it you already made your bet, Believe me happened to me a lot. But you obviously confirmed your bet and also it would destroy the stats of the bet, the thing where you can see how many players bet for each machine would switch around the whole time, imagine how often people would change the bet. So I think it's pretty fair. When you bet in real life it is the same, you just can#t undo a bet


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