When will be the next update?

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There were recently a update on CATS, however I am not satistified with the currect update.

There are so many points need to be point out and update:
> Game mode too boring after many fights
> cannot feel any connections between players
> NOT limited time events happening

I am a top ranked players (rank within top 10) and I really want to give up this game. I brought lot of gems before but not now.

My final question is: When will be the true update for CATS to make it real fun?

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I understand your frustration. I'm only in P2, but have been playing much less than I used to. I hardly even bother getting crowns on boxes anymore.

The last update was fairly small & the main part of it (multiple tank layouts) is not as beneficial as most would like, as you can't use the same part on multiple tanks.

The new cat faces are neat, but don't affect gameplay.

I'm hoping clans will be in the next update, but I imagine there's a lot of coding involved with that (battles, chat, clan search, etc). I think that will have the most impact on the game. People want to interact :)

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